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Kansas City 2014, April 12-13

Kansas City Actors Theatre

Paired with Inevitable

Since 2005, the award-winning Kansas City Actors Theatre (KCAT) has worked to challenge, delight and nourish the Kansas City community by bringing audiences exceptional productions of classic and modern-classic plays. KCAT embraces an innovative approach to performing arts with its inspired virtual theatre model governed and led by an ensemble of seasoned theatre professionals. KCAT selects thought-provoking plays connected thematically – whether over the course of a stock season or in true rotating repertory – to deepen the theatre-going experience. Productions explore, celebrate and share what it is to be human with sensitivity, intelligence and humor. Notably, KCAT employs Kansas City artists and pays professional rates. The result is that KCAT actively nurtures the local artistic community, making Kansas City a more vibrant, vital place to live and work.

What new functionality we are looking for

We want our website to be a place where interested parties can go to have any sort of interaction with our organization that they might desire. To find out about current shows, past shows, future shows; to buy tickets; to donate; to learn about our members and organizational structure; to find out about auditions; to learn more about the plays we do; to watch preview videos; to ask us questions and make suggestions; in short, to feel part of our family.

How the new functionality will help

Having a new website will help us grow our audience, energize the faithful followers we already have and attract a younger demographic - all of which will lead to greater revenue and more volunteer hours served so that we are able to keep running lean and mean and paying local artists a living wage.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

50 Messages from Supporters

2014-03-17 17:49:52 UTC

This is good organization going forward with creative "steam" to the next level. Using website to reach current and new audiences, and to communicate all kinds of messages. They are just about 10 years old; one of top companies in KC, employing KC-based artists to keep our community growing and building its cultural reputation. From one creative team and loyal audiences to another, HELP US get a 21 C. profile!

2014-03-17 17:52:03 UTC
Katie Allison

I am such a fan of the Actors Theater. As they celebrate their upcoming 10th season - how wonderful it would be to have a new web site.

When they started- they represented a idea that our actors should be employed locally -- actors should be paid a living wage and that
classic theater had a nitch ...

They offer great plays for Kansas City

I am proud to be on their board

Katie Allison

2014-03-17 21:02:44 UTC
Sherrie Bell

Love the Rep! Please help!

2014-03-17 17:56:48 UTC
actor and theatregoer

A fine, fine theatre, deserving of a new web site. Nerds and artists belong together. Help KC Actors Theatre continue to grow.

2014-03-17 17:59:28 UTC

Actors Theatre is one of KC's best theatre companies and is especially interesting for its focus on artist leadership. Actors Theatre always looks to go deeper with their productions, especially how they pair sympathetic or contrasting works. Wonderful company in need of this kind of support.
Artist led--artist driven!

2014-03-17 18:04:32 UTC
Burt Conway

This is a great organization! Fun people. Talented people. But not web savvy people. They need your help! Support couldn't go to a more deserving group of people.

2014-03-17 18:09:36 UTC
Felicia Londré

KC Actors Theatre enriches the cultural life of our city by presenting the great plays we would not otherwise get to see. There have been so many unforgettable theatre experiences over the last decade, most recently JOURNEY'S END, LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT, and PICNIC. Of course, our Kansas City professional actors need to do such plays of substance and proven aesthetic merit to keep their work at the top of its form. But we audience members also need and crave those works--especially as they are supremely sensitively produced by KC Actors Theatre--for the resonance of their human values in our individual lives. This company plays a major role in keeping a strong community of professional actors living and working here in Kansas City, and that is one of our city's very greatest assets.

2014-03-17 18:28:01 UTC

Kansas City Actors Theatre has a distinctive voice in this rich theatrical town, and it has evolved into the one place that you can count on great performances show after show after show.

2014-03-17 18:39:03 UTC
KC Actor

Kansas City Actors Theatre is one the best artist organizations in Kansas City. As a fellow artist or as an audience member, I have always had a terrific experience with this group. Their work is top notch and well deserving of a top notch website to get their work publicized!

2014-03-17 18:55:11 UTC

Our community has been strengthened by the work of the Kansas City Actors Theatre! Through the plays they have chosen, great works have again circled throughout our city, bringing a new light onto cast away thoughts and stories. It has brought jobs to the KC area and been an amazing arts organization to work with!

2014-03-17 18:57:49 UTC

KCAT allows us to tell our stories and then helps us create meaning and understanding.

KCAT brings people together. In an age when almost all communication happens in front of a screen (and almost none of it is done in real time), I suspect “coming together,” "live and in person," is significant.

KCAT allows us to have a meaningful conversation about our world and teaches us how to listen and understand different points of view.

KCAT makes theatre that contributes to education and literacy. The very act of dialogue requires an amazing skill set and talent base. Throw in sets, scripts, lighting, marketing, management, governance –and the learning grows exponentially.

KCAT, by its very presence, plays a special role in the revitalization our city and helps make it a place where we want to live, work and raise a family. Something good is happening here because of the Arts, and KCAT plays its part.

Finally, KCAT matters because the Arts matter in our daily life. Theater, especially, is a living workshop where life examines itself and creates real answers to the most pressing issues of our existence.

That said, the KCAT website could be amazingly, and I dare say spectacularly better with just 24 hours of help. Therefore, put the help where it will do the most good.

2014-03-17 18:59:56 UTC
Angi Jones

The Kansas City Actors Theater is our favorite in the city. They always produce an outstanding season with a most professional cast. I highly recommend KCAT to everyone I know!

2014-03-17 19:02:10 UTC

This company is the cerme-de-la-creme of theatre in KC because it is run by gifted, dedicated artists whose concern is artistic excellence rather than by administrators whose focus is profit. The result is high quality material and performance -- always a treat for audiences. However, artists aren't always tech-savvy, so they could certainly use some help. They've proven themselves artistically and truly deserve a cyber-boost!

2014-03-17 19:02:15 UTC
KC Theatregoer

Kansas City needs and deserves an outlet where great, unforgettable plays of real substance are brought to us by those who, one may argue, understand them best and cherish them most: The Actors. The KC Actors Theatre is just such a gift to Kansas City. Please help their web site so that this great gift doesn't go unnoticed!

2014-03-17 19:17:44 UTC
Ken Hanaway

Great plays. Great actors. Great acting. What more needs to be said? Let's support this talented group!

2014-03-17 19:20:08 UTC

Of all the great theatre in Kansas City, Actors' Theatre is the most seminal, scholarly and stimulating. Each visit presents the opportunity for a unique and meaningful experience causing the audience to reflect on vital issues of life and relationships. We are all better for it whether or not we are comfortable with computers. A user-friendly website would enable KCAT to connect with a wider audience in a most cost-effective way.

2014-03-17 19:36:12 UTC
Carla Noack

"Artist-led, artist driven, classic theater." No one does it better. KCAT deserves a website that reflects their excellence.

2014-03-17 19:40:59 UTC
Martin Buchanan

Whenever I see a Kansas City Actor's Theatre show, I am convinced that I have seen the best production of that play that I will ever see.

2014-03-17 19:48:55 UTC
Patron of Kansas City Metro Theatres

Kansas City Actors Theatre is very important to the cultural life of the city. They offer classic plays performed by an excellent ensemble; directed by outstanding directors. Arts funding can generally be difficult: this assistance with the website would be a very welcome addition for this great theatre company.

2014-03-17 20:13:36 UTC

Kansas City Actors Theatre is a brilliant and unique concept that has come a long way from their humble beginnings nine seasons ago. They've pulled themselves up from their boot straps while maintaining artistic integrity throughout. Let's give them a hand with their website!

2014-03-17 20:14:20 UTC

The plays the KCAT perform always leave me feeling rewarded, sometimes challenged and always happy that Kansas City has such an abundance of acting talent.

2014-03-17 20:19:09 UTC
Bev Elving

KC Actors' Theatre has consistently presented classic and modern classic theatre at an excellent level. Its Long Day's Journey Into Night was named best play of 2013 by the KC Star. Artist led and artist driven, the Actors Theatre seeks to put its resources into the wallets of Kansas City artists. To do so, it operates with very low overhead. As a result, the Actors Theatre could benefit greatly from the attention of a group of passionate nerds re-working its website. There is so much great news to tell from the Actors Theatre, and it would be terrific to have a really good website to help do that, as well as supporting patrons (and potential patrons).

2014-03-17 20:28:11 UTC
Greg Mackender

Just reading these testimonials reminds what a great group of dedicated supporters KCAT has, contributing on many levels, attending plays, and volunteering. Being a founder remains a great source of pride for me, and there is always a high level of professionalism from the staff whenever I engage in design work. And the actors! Simply the finest Kansas City has to offer. Raise a glass to 'Artist-Led, Artist-Driven'.

2014-03-17 20:36:36 UTC
Rebecca Smith

I'm a dedicated fan of KC Actors Theatre. The quality of their productions is exceptional. The acting is superb and the staging matches it perfectly. From the beginning I've applauded their championing and highlighting local talent.
I also appreciate their selection of plays.
KC Actors Theatre is a very valuable source of culture and entertainment here.

2014-03-17 20:40:48 UTC
Jim Mitchell .....Production Mngr, KCAT

We just closed Journey's End, a collaboration with the National World War I museum and the University of Missouri at Kansas City ....another in a continuing collaboration with the school. From our inception in 2005, KCAT's relation with UMKC has included actors, directors, designers and technicians from the student and faculty ranks. As it has been part of the original vision of the organization, we've never looked back. Both organizations have gleaned considerable benefit from the collaborations. We're extremely proud of our contribution to advancing their theatre department through inclusion and genuine, hands on experience within the professional environment. It goes without saying, the students have provided for us enthusiasm, expertise and a glimpse of the future. Their support has been essential to this determined organization. An imaginative website will inform and facilitate this and other community based projects in the future. Thanks for your consideration.

2014-03-17 20:45:25 UTC
Genevieve Beller

Kcat is a huge asswtcro Kansas city theatre and the people who work in it. It was my pleasure to work on and see many of their productions and each one is a marvel of art is try and integrity. Kcat is a rare gem.

2014-03-17 20:46:35 UTC
Kathleen Warfel

When KC Actors Theatre came on the scene 10 years ago, they gathered the community together to ask how to best serve the community of both theatre goers and artists. They've worked consistently to maintain that high level of service and in the process brought to life some of the most visceral, beautiful and captivating theatrical experiences in the KC area. They deserve this help!

2014-03-17 20:54:10 UTC
Alyson Germinder

KCAT gives graduate students like me the chance to work with professionals and produce professional-level work in a community I've always called home. In the short time I've been involved with KCAT, beginning with the co-production of Journey's End, I've learned a great deal about nonprofit organizations and what it takes to be a leading theatre company in the Kansas City theatre scene. Help them as they help to expose us to classical and compelling theatre.

2014-03-17 21:15:01 UTC
Scott and Bernie Ashcraft

What a fantastic group of actors, directors, cast and crew. With each production, we are amazed and proud of the incredible talent that Kansas City is blessed with. And KCAT delivers every time. Provocative, challenging and interesting plays that leave you anxiously awaiting the next production! Bravo!!

2014-03-17 21:42:59 UTC
Andrea Hoerl

The KC Actors Theatre produces and performs in some of the best theater in Kansas City. I can always count on seeing great performances, interesting sets, and good selection of plays. Every year their season is fun, thought-provoking, and never disappoints.

2014-03-17 22:25:44 UTC
Vida Bikales

KC Actors Theatre is unique in Kansas City. Actor run and actor driven, their web site should display the passion they have for their craft and be a link to the theatre-going audience. If the quality of their product was the determining factor,an easy on the eye and easy to navigate web site would surely be given to them.

2014-03-17 22:39:56 UTC
Champe Leary

The caliber of acting is so high and the quality of the productions is so good that I happily travel across the state whenever possible to see and support KCAT's work!

2014-03-17 22:40:34 UTC
Doogin Brown

Kansas City Actors Theatre has, since its inception, been a theatre that is guided by a core group of some of the best theatrical artists in town to bring to life some of the most important and powerful scripts in classic and contemporary theatre. The opportunity to perform in these plays has been a great boon to up and coming actors who are allowed to hone their skills along side gifted professionals.

2014-03-17 22:57:51 UTC
Rebecca Dempsey

Kansas City Actors Theatre fills a valuable need--a quality place of work for excellent cast and crew who make Kansas City their home. These artists could be successful in many cities, but have chosen to contribute to the quality of cultural life right here for all of us. Their shows are consistently superb in every aspect: acting, directing, technical. And they are focusing on classics that are important to pass on to the next set of patrons. This group deserves high level of support in every area.

2014-03-17 23:05:53 UTC
Jan Rogge

Kansas City Actors Theatre is the Steppenwolf of Kansas City. It is filled with the best artists that KC
has to offer. It is a creative family who have all known each other for at least 20 years. I have acted
in two productions:"Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and :"Good People". I also directed a staged
reading: "A Death Of A Poet". They have all been the highlight of my career, They are a great theatre company and I hope they get the help they need to take them to the next level.

2014-03-18 00:30:41 UTC
Audrey Porsche

Kansas City Actors Theatre (KCAT) is a true gem in the Kansas City arts scene. I was fortunate enough to work for KCAT for several seasons, witnessing the dedication and great care with which the artists selected each season's shows and then assembled incredibly talented area theatre artists who brought things to life in top-notch productions time after time.

Congrats to KCAT on their upcoming tenth season! This is a perfect time in their organizational history for a website makeover.

2014-03-18 01:27:58 UTC
Don Dagenais

KC Actors Theatre puts first-rate productions on the stage and its web site should reflect the excellence of the organization.

2014-03-18 04:16:49 UTC
Annie Heck

I have been a HUGE fan of - and volunteer for - KC Actors Theatre since its inception nine years ago: their courage and the strength of their conviction that KC plays should be performed by KC actors have been remarkable. They have chosen thought-provoking plays, presented them with enormous talent and integrity, and delivered an unduplicated product to our city. Now their sharing of their experience and skill with UMKC Theater majors will enrich our arts community for years to come. These great actors deserve an equally terrific website to reach the next level in their second decade!

2014-03-18 04:56:20 UTC
Craig Dempsey

KCAT not only provides outstanding quality performances, but works with UMKC students every year in joint performances to allow those students a chance to perform with a professional theatre group. I try to see every play performed, whether in the World War I Museum theatre, a funeral home, a restaurant, or their usual home in Union Station. Every performance is a surprise and a delight. Website help would not only be a gift to KCAT but to the whole community!

2014-03-18 12:30:51 UTC
Charles Fugate

A pillar in our acting community--creating great theater using Kansas City artists.

2014-03-18 14:04:44 UTC

every production has been outstanding. We are so fortunate to have this level of acting expertise in our community!

2014-03-18 15:11:35 UTC
Mary Ellen

Live theater is my very favorite form of entertainment. I am a season ticket subscriber to several of KC's theater companies and attend many other theater productions, both local, professional, community and touring companies.I truly believe that Kansas City Actor's Theater is the
gold standard for theater lovers Kansas City!

2014-03-18 15:35:57 UTC

Kansas City Actors Theater is a vital cultural arts and economic arts engine in the region. As other theaters focus on specific genres, musicals, new works, small casts, lighter entertainments, KC Actors Theatre casts a wide and ever evolving net to include classic and contemporary works, comedy and drama and playwrights from around the world. Many of the plays they mount have never been seen in the region or have not been seen for decades. They provide income for local actors, director and designers. They give new talent an opportunity for exposure in a professional setting and to work with experienced artists. They co-produce with other established organizations. They take their productions around the metro to a variety of venues, traditional theatres and non-traditional spaces. They continually challenge their audiences and our city. But most of all the artists who make up Kansas City Actors Theatre explore and illuminate the human condition which is ultimately what all art should do. Given this opportunity of a new website the possibilities for further growth and expanding their vision is absolutely thrilling.

2014-03-18 16:19:17 UTC

Amazing work for the past 9 years. KCAT survived the financial crisis because the Kansas City audiences appreciate local actors and artists who do quality work.
This 10th anniversary season is a remarkable testament to the level of artistic commitment KCAT puts forth every season.

They deserve a helping hand.

2014-03-18 19:02:03 UTC
Margaret S.

I have yet to see anything done by this group that was not brilliant. I don't mean just professional, or adequate, I mean brilliant, as in "that is now my definitive version of that play" brilliant. They deserve support, more and more.

2014-03-20 13:07:43 UTC
Theatre Patron

KCAT is a treasure. They bring us plays we would not otherwise see in our city with world class productions. I see the majority of productions in KC, as well as several every year in New York and this group stands out for their consistently brilliant choices and productions. In a just world they wouldn't have to beg. Please help them upgrade their website to reflect their brilliance.

2014-03-21 20:26:25 UTC
A shy fan who claps loudly

The productions of the KC Actors Theatre entertain and enlighten audiences, leaving us with a better understanding of human relationships.

2014-03-22 23:45:31 UTC
Rebecca James

The Kansas City Actors Theatre productions of "Long Day's Journey into Night" and "Journey's End" were the best theatre outings we experienced this year! Their cooperation stagings with UMKC and the World War I Memorial at the Memorial have been have been consistently professional, historically educational, and moving!

2014-03-25 17:20:56 UTC

So glad I got in on the beginning of this fabulous, artist-driven theater. Watching it develop into one of the best theater groups in KC has been a facinating ride. Attracting new works and artists as it continues will be the fruits of many labors of love.

2014-03-26 17:00:58 UTC

Billy Bishop goes to War, the collaboration with the WWI museum, was excellent. Fabulous performance. Great set and staging. It was truly memorable.

Our Mission

Kansas City Actors Theatre's mission is to support and nourish local artists within the community, thereby enriching the whole community. Our big passion is to run lean and mean and have the highest percentage of our income, be it earned or contributed, going directly to the artists. We are not wasting money on infrastructure and administration!